In the complex modern business outline, TTC SOURCING S.r.l. arises as new answer to the international market needs with the main purpose to make easier the meeting between Made in Italy supply and demand through a wide range of professional services.

Thanks to a deep and expert knowledge of the Made in Italy products as well as the Italian productive system, strained to promote the high quality excellence and the Italian historical and cultural heritage, TTC SOURCING proposes itself as interface between Italian producers and international partners.

To the Italian manufacturers it offers different marketing opportunities, advising and a personalized Export Office on Demand in order to face the international markets with the aim to promote, introduce and strengthen the Italian presence abroad.

To the international buyers TTC Sourcing grants a personalized Sourcing Office in Italy, giving the opportunity to identify the right Italian product with a deep expert information, managing the business contacts with producers from A to Z.

The aim of TTC Sourcing is really simple to say: it is the meeting between Made in Italy supply and demand, based on a skilful mastery of the extended outline of Italian products to reach the best business solution for both parts.

TTC Sourcing gives its qualified professional competence.